Leather Cleaning

Leather Cleaning

Leather, Suede, and Fur

We know your leather garment is an expensive investment and worth preserving. This is why we send out your treasured items to our hand picked leather specialists. We are confident with their range of knowledge and expertise of leather, suede and fur cleaning. They professionally clean, remove stains, replenish oils and restore your leathers to their original color and texture.

Each piece is inspected to determine the best cleaning method for the type of material and condition, including stains or visible damage. Each stain is pre-spotted and treated with a mild agent by a certified professional. 100% stain removal cannot be guaranteed but we have had much success over the years, even with the most stubborn stains.

We can clean the following items:
  • Leather Outerwear: Coats, athletic jackets and gloves
  • Leather Apparel: Pants, skirts, shorts, dresses. shirts, vests, and chaps
  • Leather Motorcycle Apparel: Jackets, vests, chaps and pants
  • Leather Accessories: Hats and caps
  • Fur Outerwear: Coats, capes, shawls and hats
  • Skins rugs: Most skin rugs
If repair services are needed, an on-hand technician can complete the folowing repairs in a timely manner:
  • Cuts and tears
  • Hem sleeves or tapering
  • Replace damaged zippers
  • Replace or tighten buttons
  • Leather repair
  • Lining repair or replacement
  • Other related services
    (prices are quoted at the counter)


Every Day Special

Leather and Suede Coats: $43.
(under 30")